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How To Study Online At The Swiss Institute Of Economic Excellence?

There are two approaches to studying at the Swiss Institute of Economic Excellence:
The Easy Way: You simply participate in our online courses. No qualifications are required and you do not have to pass an exam. But: We cannot award you with a prestigious Swiss certificate either.
The Harder Way: You fill in our online assessment questionnaire to find out if you fulfill the requirements to study at our institution for higher education in terms of professional experience or school education as well as willingness to learn. If yes, you can officially enroll as a student, take our online exam at the end of your course/study program and be awarded your prestigious Swiss diploma or certificate.

Course structure

All online courses start monthly and have a modular structure. A maximum of 25 students is admitted to a study program or course.
As a rule, one module is completed per week.
Each module consists of
- an inspiring preparation task,
- an exciting online learning session (1/2 day) with an experienced lecturer,
- a detailed handout to prepare and post-edit your online sessions
- and, if desired, an interactive mentoring coaching, either in a small group or in an individual setting,
- an online exam (if you officially enrolled for graduating),
- followed by your graduation and certification

Who gets our Prestigious Swiss Diploma?

For those who enrolled at our educational institution, a course certificate will be issued after two modules have been passed. After a fully passed study program, the student receives a Diploma, which states the degree of achievement.

Hot To Enroll And Study?

1. Choose your course or module(s) from our curriculum.
2. Register with the booking form.
3. After having received our confirmation e-mail, select the start date of the course or the date of the module (all courses start monthly, every week one module is held)
4. Arrange the date of your online in-depth coaching/mentoring with Q&A (if selected)
5. Solve the preparation task.
6. Take the online course and write down your questions.
7. Read the handout to deepen and solidify the content.
8. Participate in the online in-depth coaching/mentoring session with Q&A (if selected)
9. Solve the online exam
10. Receive the official course certificate and after completion of the entire study program the diploma (as an enrolled student)

Settings for the interactive coaching/mentoring

For your interactive online coaching & mentoring sessions you can choose between two settings:
- Small group (6 students maximum)
- Individual Mentoring (just for you!)

For more information INCLUDING PRICES, please contact us.

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