Board Members / Lecturers

Jörg Hilber, MAS

“Success is not a coincidence. It is always based on excellence!”


Jörg Hilber, Founder / Board Member / Lecturer

Jörg Hilber was awarded his Master of Advanced Studies in Services Marketing and Management at the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne. He also hold a certificate in University Didactics (the science of teaching).
Jörg has been a University lecturer for over 30 years, at the University of Business and Finance, Wettingen, at the Instute of Financial Planning, Zurich and at the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne. But Jörg Hilber also is a successful practitioner: He is the founder and president of the board of CONSTANT DIALOG Ltd, an internationally recognizes Swiss market research agency and of hilber.com, a consulting company specialized in customer acquisition and loyalty. He further is a mentor and speaker at the Institute for Young Entrepreneurs in St. Gallen

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