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Leadership Excellence

Excellent leaders distinguish from average leaders by their impact. Excellent leaders change their world by applying the 3 Laws of Leadership Excellence. They master the most effective communication tools, by acting as a coach or mentor, by systematically and immediately solving problems and by getting regular feedback about the impact of their action.

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Module 1: An Introduction To Leadership Excellence

What is one of the most used terms in the business world? Leadership belongs on that list – at its roots a very significant expression with power and purpose. Nowadays used in almost any context, often misunderstood, thus widely undervalued.
Learn the most essential aspects of leadership and its core meaning. Recognize the seven laws of leadership and discover more about a leaders path of success and fulfillment, for your career, growing from manager into be-coming the leader who knows who he/she is and passionately pursues his/her mission, to make the world an even better place to grow at. Take the lead and succeed!
- The meaning of leadership
- The seven laws of leadership
- Personal key questions to reflect on
- Where and how to start to reach higher
- The importance of you be-coming who you are

Module 2: 10 Tools For Successful Leaders

Good leaders are distinguished by 4 characteristics:
- You can assert yourself calmly and communicate efficiently and motivating
- You gain an advantage by understanding the way customers, employees etc. think
- You are able to find surprising, efficient and innovative solutions quickly and consistently in problem situations
- They have their own personal management style based on strengths and credibility
Good Leaders are just as professional in their leadership role as they are in their field. In this online course you will receive 10 methodical tools for the above four topics, which will inspire you and which you can immediately use in your work.

Module 2: Introduction To Powerful Coaching Techniques

Market research is clear: direct supervisors are of enormous importance. They contribute most to employee motivation, but in the negative case they are also the most frequently cited reason for termination. This is why working with managers is a central component of any effort towards a service culture and systematic customer enthusiasm. The online course makes participants aware of the importance of their leadership role. Using the concept of "the boss as a coach", they learn the principles of strength-based leadership. Through sustainable employee discussions with an individual coaching approach, they can change the reality of the company in the direction of "comprehensive service orientation". The online course imparts the theoretical basis of these conversations and offers the opportunity for practical exercises.

Module 4: Team Building, Team Leadership, Chairing Meetings, Team Coaching

Anyone who supervises a team or a working group - wether as a group leader or ad hoc in the context of a project - knows that leading and supervising a group is not so easy. Learn the most important things about group dynamics, team building, team motivation and chairing meetings - and practice them. You will also learn how team coaching works. Lead your team to success! Topics: - The importance of group dynamics - why a group ticks differently - group roles - how do I deal with whom? - Preparation of a session/team coaching- The technique of team coaching- Session procedure- Conversation - Follow-up

Module 5: Systematic Problem Solving

Leaders and staff position managers are constantly confronted with human, methodical or technical challenges. Questions such as "Why is X so difficult to manage?", "How do I solve problem X in my team?", "How do we solve this difficult organizational task?" are part of everyday professional life. Since the 1970s, systems theory has taught us much more about the function or dysfunction of human relationships, communication and organization. Problems are created by people, and excitingly enough, in the same way every time. Those who know how problems and challenges arise can solve them elegantly and innovatively. This is exactly what this online course is all about: recognizing and precisely naming problems and challenges. Afterwards: Bringing about convincing and efficient solutions. ATTENTION: This online course is very demanding and intellectually challenging. It requires participants to be able to think in a complex and networked way. The online course does not provide patent remedies, but rather a sophisticated method for developing and implementing new solutions.

Module 6: Employee Surveys

This module explains how to develop a professional employee survey.
It starts with the DON'TS (So nicht!) and then moves on to the DO's, the meaningful, well-founded methods: Researching satisfaction and the importance of the most important aspects of the working relationship and recording and evaluating employee feedback in the original language.
Two models of employee relations are introduced and critically discussed. And there are two practical tasks for live testing of the acquired knowledge.

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